• Draining pools annually is not recommended.
  • Topping off existing pools from an outdoor faucet is acceptable.
  • Filling a new pool directly from your garden hose is acceptable.
  • In the event that the use of a fire hydrant is requested for filling a new pool, the following fees will apply:
    • Refundable Equipment Fee
    • Non-Refundable Tool Rental
    • Fee / thousand gallons of water
In-Ground Pool


The following regulations must be followed in order to gain access to a fire hydrant for the purposes of filling a pool:
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be obtained by the homeowner and placed on file at the Montville Water and Sewer Department.
  • The fire hydrant must be on the same side of the street as the pool being filled.
  • A certified pool company employee or a fireman must be on site for the entire duration of the pool filling. A letter stating that the pool company employee or fireman has knowledge of fire hydrants must be on file with the Montville Township Water and Sewer Department.
Note: Unauthorized Use of Fire Hydrants is Strictly Prohibited.

To Conserve Water Fill Your Pool With the Runoff From Your Roof

An inexpensive pipe from your downspout to your pool can save money and water. Run off from roofs can amount to thousands of gallons of water in an average storm. Harnessing the water and directing it into your pool is an easy and inexpensive way to fill or top off your pool.

Also keep a cover on your pool, when not in use, to prevent evaporation. An average of 30 gallons of water per day evaporates from an uncovered pool. Pool covers also create a safer pool environment.